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Best Video Game October 14, 2009

Posted by William VanHouten in 1.

What is the best video game ever created? Discuss in 40 words or more.



1. Michael Paulsen - September 12, 2012

I think the best video created is, Arma 2 because, It is the most realistic game on the market. One con is, it eats up your CPU pretty much. That’s not a problem for me on the bright side. It has tons of mods such as, DayZ, DayZ is basically a zombie multiplayer survival game. (Soon to be a stand alone game) It is one of the only mods for a game with over a million unique players. Arma 2 is by far the best video game ever created. It was published by Bohemia Interactive, from the Czech Republic, the maps are HUGE! It is aprox. 440 Kilometers big! It is bigger than any map in battlefield. (Also an underrated Fps) You can also get into over 1,000 player servers.

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