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Avatar December 23, 2009

Posted by William VanHouten in 1.

In the movie world or computer gaming environment describe in 40 words or move what an avatar is.



1. jesus - September 11, 2012

i like this video because they use a lot of technology and thats im learning abiut

2. Juan saenz - September 11, 2012

The movie avatar was a good movie I really didn’t understand it but I like how they did the animation. And all of the birds and the animals but how do they already know what can catch on fire that’s just weird.

3. mahmood - September 11, 2012

an avatar is a charcater thise is cool

4. Mark Anthony Calderon - September 25, 2012

An avatar is a custom character in gaming that you create using what the game has to offer and play as your character. The movie Avatar has its name because the main character, Jake, has a character that’s used in another world which is called an avatar. giving the title a meaning.

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